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  • Married Couple travel the world and take amazing photos

            Today marked the 3rd Anniversary of our wedding Anniversary, and we added a few more countries into our photo book, hope […]

  • Dyson + Klaudia [ Prewedding ]

          Congratulations to Dyson & Klaudia Thanks for having me in this paradise, the pearl of East Coast Malaysia, Lang Tengah Island, Terrengganu.

  • Dennis + Michelle [ Prewedding ]

          Congratulations to Dennis & Michelle It’s great fun staying at the glass house in Sekeping Serendah and wander around the jungle. Thank […]

  • Tze Keong + Jennifer [ Prewedding ]

          Congratulations to Tze Keong & Jennifer They are both happy and funny and we had a lot of fun hanging out around […]

  • Khai Chuin + Wan Yong [ Prewedding ]


  • Weipin + Yumiko [prewedding]

    Congratulations to Weipin + Yumiko.

  • Magazine Cover shots with Yumi Wong

    In collaboration with the Magazine [Traveller’s Digest], it’s an honour to work with this wonderful, professional, gorgeous young model, Yumi Wong. The shooting went quite […]

  • Sam + BeBe [prewedding]

          In collaboration with Annocent Weddings, it’s a pleasure working with their team in Shooting the Studio Pre-wedding Photos. Thanks to Reno, Anco, […]

  • Chris + Connie [prewedding]

      Back to school theme Prewedding is lovely, 仿佛回到那些年。 Congratulations to Chris & Connie  

  • Jonathan + Hoi Wah [ Video ]

    Shot a Lovely Couple Video Actual day, The groom is funny and the bride is lovely. They are perfect match to each other. Jonathan & […]

  • Kent + Sara Wedding [ Video ]

          A nice garden Wedding held in Saujana Club House. The weather is nice and the lake side garden is lovely, so are […]

  • Siong + Wan Xin @ Perth [prewedding]

    Thanks to Siong & Wan Xing for the invitation to Perth and thanks for their hospitality. We had great times.  

  • Andrew + Felicia’s proposal [Video]

          It’s a surprise proposal by Andrew to his lovely girlfriend Felicia. Andrew plan to bring her out on his birthday, and propose […]

  • Chin + Iris [actual day]

    Congratulations to Chin & Iris

  • King Soong + Jane Lim [video]

          Congratulations to King Soong + Jane Lim, Actual day wedding shot at their big bungalows in Tropicana golf club.       […]

  • 赤裸的爱 Naked love

    母子之间的爱是赤裸裸的, 毫无掩饰的。 Love without boundaries, between Mother and child. photographer:Gui tou 2nd photographer + assistant:Zhu zhu hairdresser:Mabel

  • Mark + Mika [actual day]

    Congratulations to Mark + Mika    

  • Sam + Wai Wai [prewedding]

          Congratulations to Sam and Wai Wai. The 100 Balloons are lovely.

  • Sean + Jia Ni [prewedding]

    Congratulations to Sean + Jia Ni, both are talented Musician.

  • Zac 志祥 Album Shooting EP专辑封面照

    除了有机会帮他拍MV, 也有机会帮他拍专辑封面。   这个。。。。其实是我的Iphone套

  • Sheena 燕婷 Album Shooting EP专辑封面照

    感谢《双翼音乐》给我机会帮燕婷拍摄他的第一张个人EP专辑封面。 摄影地点就选择了燕婷的家乡Kuala Selangor,一个很多蚊子的公园。 Sheena 燕婷真的很会唱歌,请多多支持。 顺便送上短短的幕后花絮:

  • WanYong’s Make up Portfolio

      Make up & Hair dressing by WanYong, interested please call 012-2242827 Photo by :  Gui-tou studio.          

  • John + Angel [actual day]

    Congratulations to John and Angel on their big day 3th March 2011.

  • Rhumba Live Band Profile Photos

    Photo shooting for my own band: Rhumba live band. Location: Home Studio 为自己的乐队拍摄单人照,地点:自家的摄影棚

  • Amy 王明丽 MV 拍摄

    接到明丽的电话,约我帮他们的MV录影拍摄幕后花絮,地点在Bukit Bintang。很荣幸有机会在这个MV拍摄中帮忙。 这首歌的MV叫做《立场》,由Amy 王明丽 和 Adrian 合唱。

  • Lost Doll 迷失的玩偶


  • Photo shooting at Sepang Palm Tree Resort

    Sepang Gold Coast 的 Palm Tree Resort 为了促进旅游业,举办了一个麻豆摄影大赛,邀请了所有摄影师参加,并且从中国带进来了50位Sunshine Honey选拔赛被选中的美女,让我们拍。

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Jing Yong Lim
(Monday, Oct 17. 2016 12:00 AM)
(Friday, Sep 23. 2016 09:47 PM)
June: 你好,谢谢你的支持。抱歉拖那么久才回你,我们通过很多网页来获取资料的,其中包括Trip Advisor 和 马蜂窝
(Wednesday, Aug 31. 2016 05:55 PM)
eisten lai
(Wednesday, Aug 19. 2015 03:42 PM)
leave a foot print here on your turtle head! NAH!
Kenny Sim
(Monday, Jun 15. 2015 03:02 PM)
Lexis: Yes, you need a guide, you can book everything at the counter at the National Park. There’s a Camp 5 at the bottom of the pinnacles, the stay is included in the package so you don’t need to camp.
(Tuesday, May 26. 2015 04:33 PM)
Hi there, can share your itinerary to Mt. Mulu, Sarawak? To go Pinnacles Mount Mulu need guide? Or we can walk in our own? Do they allow camp there?

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